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PISA Exchange programme with National Initiative for Civic Education-Malawi

Most organisations in Southern Africa engaged in civic education have a common objective to create awareness and knowledge, to develop citizens’ skills and to create motivation for citizens to participate in democratic processes.

International Women's Day 2018 commemoration in Berea District

PISA Berea celebrated women’s day with young girls on the topic # Stop forced and early child marriage relating.  The topic was inline with 2018 International Women's Day the theme of 2018 #PressforProgress. The main message was that Girls should wait to be of ma

GIZ supports the second Africa-EU Renewable Energy Research and Innovation Symposium in January 2018 Lesotho

German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) and the National University of Lesotho (NUL) have jointly organised the second Africa-EU Symposium on Renewable Energy Research and Innovation (RERIS 2018) from 23–27 January 2018 in Ma



The “Participatory Initiative for Social Accountability“ (PISA) is a programme jointly funded by the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) under a Financing Agreement with the Ministry of Finance for the Government of Lesotho...

Approach & Activities

PISA aims to contribute to a vibrant and open democracy in Lesotho, where citizens know, demand and exercise their rights and responsibilities, and in which government representatives supply accountability and transparency...


The Constitution of Lesotho entrenches the right of citizens to participate in public affairs. However, at present, there is limited awareness and capacity on the part of citizens, especially in rural areas...


In order to make the efforts of PISA sustainable in the long-run and to anchor civic education and public participation firmly in the institutional landscape of Lesotho, the perspective is for PISA to be transformed from a programme into a self-sustaining national organisation according to Lesotho law...

More About PISA Project