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  1. Trust and Respect

    • Participation:

      • We will consult and collaborate with all stakeholders in an open and honest manner as equal partners.

      • We will observe local cultural beliefs and norms.

    • Transparency:

      • We will share and display information with our stakeholders and the public as much as possible, using our own discretion and without causing any harmful effects.

    • Confidentiality:

      • We will not disclose PISA internal issues to stakeholders.
      • We will not disclose or publish any sensitive or personal information or photos without the consent of the owner.
    • Teamwork:

      • We will share information and complement each other’s skills to reach common goals.
      • We will resolve internal conflicts amicably, refrain from mixing personal issues with job–related issues, and respond positively to constructive criticism.
      • We will not entertain any form of harassment, including sexual harassment.
  2. Quality and Excellence

    • Professionalism:

      • We will always be punctual and well-prepared for meetings and activities.
      • We will keep promises made and be reliable in regard to deadlines agreed upon.
      • We will always communicate with superiors, colleagues and partners in a timely, factual and constructive fashion.
    • Integrity:

      • We will abide by government policies and regulations, including the National Anti-Corruption Guidelines.
      • We will be loyal to the GIZ corporate values and principles and the PISA Code of Conduct.
    • Leadership:

      • We will act as role models for citizens and stakeholders.
      • We will ensure that all our activities are effective in contributing to the objectives of PISA.
      • We will handle project funds in a prudent and efficient manner, complying with accounting standards and GIZ regulations.
      • We will be proactive and take responsibility for our actions.
    • Innovation:

      • We will always be open to self-reflection and continuous learning.
      • We will embrace change as an opportunity for personal and organizational growth.
      • We will proactively seek and create opportunities for learning from colleagues and partners.
  3. Neutrality and Inclusiveness
    • Non-discrimination:

      • We will treat all citizens equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, economic and educational status and political affiliation.
    • Empowerment:

      • We will support and create a “safe space” for marginalised and vulnerable groups to participate in public life and exercise their rights and responsibilities.
    • Impartiality:

      • We will not adopt or promote positions of political parties.
      • We will allow freedom of expression to everyone.
      • We will examine all perspectives objectively and avoid subjective and selective information and communication.
    • Dialogue:

      • We will facilitate constructive and fair dialogue between citizens and government representatives without taking sides.