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Freedom of artistic expression is a democratic principle, and through their creativity and skilfulness artist are often important drivers of innovation and critical debate in any given society. The ability to express one self, including through the arts, is a key democratic competence. Express Yourself! provides a platform for Basotho artists- painters, poets, writers, musicians, actors, comedians- to display their works through exhibitions or shows t PISA Centres in all districts. The programme also organises workshops for citizens of all walks of life to interact with artists to explore their own creativity. Express Yourself! is implemented in collaboration with Alliance Francaise de Maseru.



The workshop was a combination of reading and writing activities facilitated by Leila Hall and Matṡeliso Moruthane. Participants read examples of poetry and prose texts to familiarise themselves with techniques used by seasoned creative writers to captivate an audience. Participants then engaged in a series of exercises to write their own personal stories based on the techniques taught to them by the facilitators.

On the last day of the workshop, a community reading was organised where members of the community were present to hear the workshop participants read their work out loud. A small magazine comprising of a selection of the workshop participants’ work will be published and made available to the PISA Centre.