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European Union (EU)

PISA and the Delegation of the European Commission to the Kingdom of Lesotho work closely together in promoting a human rights culture in Lesotho.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

PISA und UNDP jointly commissioned and published the Lesotho Citizen’s Participation Survey (CPS) 2017.

Alliance Francaise de Maseru

PISA and Alliance Francaise jointly implement the “Express Yourself!”-programme that provides opportunities for citizens to express their views through different forms of art. Also, the Speak up 4 Lesotho-events are undertaken jointly.

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

PISA and FAO jointly produced and disseminated campaign materials to sensitise the public about the need for environmental protection as a vehicle for responsible citizenship (“responsible herding”).

Conservation Music

PISA and Conservation Music join hands in the use of pop-music and video for awareness creation on environmental protection as part of the “responsible herding”-campaign.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

In Mokhotlong, CRS is using the PISA Centre to offer farmers an e-learning training.