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Most organisations in Southern Africa engaged in civic education have a common objective to create awareness and knowledge, to develop citizens’ skills and to create motivation for citizens to participate in democratic processes. It is therefore imperative that sharing of best practices and approaches by various organisations is actively promoted as part of regional collaboration. PISA as a new initiative is making efforts to know what other programmes are out there and what they are doing in the field of civic education and social accountability through its regional exchange and learning programme. This enables the programme to tap into already existing knowledge and experiences in the region. Under this initiative, PISA is currently collaborating with The National Initiative for Civic Education programme in Malawi (NICE).

During the month of February 2018, PISA welcomed arrival of a national expert from NICE who is on a learning Mission. For the duration of his stay, he will be based in the districts of Thaba Tseka & Leribe to learn more about PISA and its programmes on civic education. At the same time, he will work closely with PISA staff for information sharing and strategic support.